Arabic Variation & La Comparsita

Beethoven's 9th & Laura's Theme

Ashraf's Message

My Egyptian father and Turkish and French mother, instilled in me the love of music. I attended the High Institute for Arabic Music where I became an accomplished cellist and concert pianist. Upon graduation, the Cairo Opera House selected me as their 1st Chair cellist which launched my music career. Maestro Virtuoso, Selim Sehab, contributed to the advancement of my solo career in front of audiences around the world with the Arabic Symphony Orchestra. I played for Director, Entesar Abdul Fattah, Ph.D. with the Egyptian National Cultural Theater for 15 years and traveled the world. My career expanded into playing film scores and playing with classical ensembles at Egypt's premiere hotels including the Mena House Oberoi. My most memorable performance was when I played Pharaoh's and Egyptian improvisations on the Pyramids and Sphynx for Egyptian TV. I've met people from diverse cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds and am struck by how similar we are. We are all one family under God. I came to America to share my message of peace and reconciliation between the East and the West through my music. Whether I play as a guest artist with symphonic orchestras or as a soloist at concerts in the park, my message of peace and soulful interpretation of classical, jazz, Arabic, pop, contemporary and ballads is my gift to humanity.

Peace and Love,
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